Symco TV was created to assist today's forward-thinking Sales Executives & Managers to develop and practice the skills of salesmanship. The site contains a wealth of great tips and information designed to make you or your team more effective at the role, whilst ensuring your customers are delighted with their purchases.
Get sessions from long-established practices that work through to the latest techniques that are being used by many of today’s successful groups and manufactuer’s.
You’re going to want more as you build your knowledge, practice your skills and hone your attitude. The Great News is you can afford to, and at your own pace. Register today and it might just be the best investment in your career you ever make.
Hold Effective Training Meetings
Never get time to plan effective training with your team? We've done it for you - let us take care of the research and planning. Run an effective sales meeting and train you team; the rewards are immense. Get your team investing in what makes them great sales people.
Just starting out:
This could be the best investment you ever make. Work your way through the fundamental skills, behind selling cars, detailed in the much acclaimed ‘Road to Sale Programme’. Once you have purchased a module, you have 24 hours to view it as many times as you need; ensuring you become both confident and competent before you move on.
Have you got 5 years experience? Or 1 years experience repeated for 5 years? What sets successful people apart is not experience alone, but their thirst for knowledge and the desire to continually improve.
The average sales executive will speak to over 400 people this year. Improving their knowledge, skills and attitude by just 5% will earn you another £20,000 on your bottom line. What are waiting for? Get your team involved today!!

Excellent, 6 position sale for remembering to link the feature to the customer benefits.

Paul Davies 2013-01-23 13:39:30

Great way to ensure you always mention the features BENEFIT.

2012-05-28 11:32:44

Very useful content. Good refresher.

2012-05-11 21:47:36

This video is fantastic. Thanks Symco for providing such valuable advice.

2012-05-10 16:02:43

How true to life, great video......

2012-05-04 11:53:55

Video of the Day: Motivation - Motivating Sales People

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